The Live Art Arcade was established by seasoned performance artist, Gavin Krastin, in 2018 as a nomadic exhibition platform for early-career artists working in interdisciplinary live art with interests in durational and site-responsive work. Dwelling in sites, spaces and places, our aim is to produce immersive assemblages of experimental live art encounters: an arcade of durational, itinerant, and cyclical live art, where all events happen simultaneously, and audience/participants can engage with the works at their own discretion and structure their journeys as they wish.


We realise an acute focus on the creation and presentation of interdisciplinary live art, and by working with partnerships and seeking new connections, we endeavour to provide the resources, support and scaffolding needed by the artists to realise new performances and live art experiences for local audiences. We hope this stimulates an engagement with live art within communities while assisting in the growth of the artists’ careers as their artistic practices are positioned in the public arena to gain professional traction.


At the Live Art Arcade the approach to creating, producing, facilitating, and curating live art is that of collaboratively and communally worlding a pluriverse in a speculative manner. We strive to imagine exhibitions of live performance as ecologies of colliding worlds and present the audience with a constellation of portals to step through.


In 2020 the Live Art Arcade’s “Arcade2019” was shortlisted for the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences’ Award for Best Public Performance, and in 2021 the founder of the Live Art Arcade, Gavin Krastin, was awarded the prestigious Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Performance Art.


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